Whether you need plumbing services for your residential or commercial property, there are licensed Raleigh plumbers who can help. They’re experts in plumbing repairs, installations and pipe systems.

Schedule regular plumbing inspections to keep your home safe and secure from water damage. If you notice any sign of trouble, contact ARS/Rescue Rooter for expert plumbing service in the Raleigh NC area.

Plumbing Installation

Plumbing systems are essential to every home. They handle everything from water supply to waste disposal, including laundry appliances and water heaters. A plumber can install new pipes and fixtures, and repair leaks or other issues.

The installation process starts with site preparation and may include relocating wiring. If the project involves repiping, the plumber will also remove old pipes and install new ones.

It’s a good idea to hire a Raleigh plumber for any job that involves installing water, gas or sewer lines. This is because a plumber’s skills can help prevent water damage and other issues that could cause structural problems.

The plumbers at Cape Fear Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical, and Plumbing Company, Inc offer premium plumbing installations in Raleigh NC. Contact us to schedule service or for more information. Our licensed professionals will install water heaters, drain cleaning services, and more in your Raleigh area home. Our experienced team will make sure your plumbing installation is done right, and you get the results you want.

Plumbing Repair

Plumbing repair is a big part of home maintenance. From replacing a faucet to installing a new water heater, it’s crucial to have skilled professionals handle these tasks. Luckily, there are plenty of plumbers in Raleigh NC ready to take on any job.

The best plumbers are licensed and insured. They offer top-notch services for your home, including drain cleaning and replacement, repiping and more. Most also carry the right equipment to solve even the most complex of plumbing problems.

Make sure to hire the best plumber for your project by asking them the following questions. You can also look up the best of the best by reading reviews and asking for testimonials from previous customers. The best ones will also be available to show you the most efficient and effective ways of tackling your plumbing problem.

The best plumbers in the area will provide free estimates and won’t charge a fortune. Find the best one for your Raleigh, NC home by scouring the internet.

Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing inspections are a great way to keep your home’s plumbing system in good working order. Many plumbers recommend getting a plumbing inspection done on an annual basis, and it can save you a lot of money by catching problems before they become costly to repair.

A plumbing inspection consists of a comprehensive check of the entire plumbing system in your home. This includes pipes, faucets, sinks, toilets, and even your water heater.

In addition, a plumbing inspector will look at your home’s outdoor spigots and see if they are working properly. This is important because if they aren’t, it could cause flooding and damage to your property.

A plumbing inspector also conducts a sewer camera inspection to identify any obstructions in the sewer lines that may be causing drain blockages and other problems. This type of inspection is a crucial part of the real estate due diligence process when you’re buying a home.

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning services are an important part of plumbing maintenance. They help prevent clogs and maintain the cleanliness of your drains, which is vital for both your safety and the health of your home or business.

Most clogs are caused by organic debris like hair, soap scum, dental floss, food particles, and other waste that gradually builds up inside your pipes and drains. Over time, these clogs can reduce water flow and cause other issues, including leaks, sewer smells, pests, and health risks.

A reputable plumber can use snakes and high-velocity jets to clear your drains of any buildup. For tougher clogs, your plumber can also use hydro-jetting, which blasts high pressure water throughout your drain lines to completely remove clogs.

In addition to unclogging drains, plumbers in Raleigh NC also provide cleaning services. This is an important step in the drain treatment process, because it helps eliminate any scale and leftover debris that might still be stuck in your pipes after a clog has been removed.